Inglese b1 intensivo [Informatizzato - Scienze] (2023/2024)



The computer based test assesses the students grammar. The test is made up of different sections that contain testing of the following skill, listening, reading and use of English. Below is the list of grammar requirements for this level and the layout of the actual test. Lay out 1) Cloze 2) Cloze 3) Reading comprehension 4) Reading comprehension 5) Listening comprehension (40 secondi di ascolto) 6) Listening comprehension (40 secondi di ascolto) Grammar: • ‘Always’ with present continuous* • “Used to” and Would* (for past habits, routines and states) • Be/get used to + ing • Passive (Present Simple, Past Simple, Present perfect, Future simple) • Conditionals (Zero, First (review) and Second/introducing Third conditional*) • If, when, unless • Would for imaginary situations • Wish (Wish + Past Simple – Regrets about now) • Would you mind/like + -ing? • Gerunds and infinitives • Present Perfect Progressive • Present Perfect Simple Vs. Present Perfect Progressive • Past Perfect Simple and Progressive • Indirect Questions with know, wonder etc. • Relative clauses (defining/non-defining or extra information clauses) • Adjectives (-ed/-ing endings) (review) • Had better (with plain infinitive) • Reported speech (Requests / Reporting verbs and their various patterns – e.g. agree to, remind someone to, suggest that, accuse of, deny + ing, refuse to, etc.) • Verbs with two objects • Tell and say • Reflexive pronouns • Connectors: although, even though, however, in case, despite, in spite of • Make, do and let • Word formation (from ‘root’ word) • ‘Echo’ questions • Neither ... nor / Either ... or / Both ..and • So(doI)/Neither/Nor(doI) • as/like/suchas • look / look like, feel / feel like, sound / sound like, taste / taste like, smell /smell like o Modals • May / might (possibility) • Drawing conclusions in the present (must / can’t / might / could) • Obligation (have to / to be obliged to/to be supposed to / need to) • Permission (can /to be allowed to) • Prohibition (can’t /not to be allowed) • General ability in the past (could / couldn’t) • When something was possible on a specific occasion in the past (was / were able to, meaning managed to) • General ability and specific occasions (couldn’t) o Idioms o Phrasal verbs

Modalità d'esame

informatico in sede

Codice insegnamento
Settore disciplinare
CLA/ING  -  Lingua Inglese
Manuela Pola Ponda
1° semestre Scienze e Ingegneria
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