Inglese c1 verona [MODULO SCRITTO/ORALE] [Scuole di Dottorato - Borgo Roma] (2023/2024)



C1 SCRITTO ORALE A person at C1 level should: be able to express himself/herself fluently and spontaneously, almost effortlessly; have a good command of a broad lexical repertoire, allowing gaps to be readily overcome with circumlocutions; select a suitable phrase from a fluent repertoire of discourse functions; preface remarks in order to get the floor or to gain time; be skilled at using contextual, grammatical and lexical cues to infer attitude, mood and intentions and anticipate what will come next. FUNCTIONS Revision of all items covered in previous levels • Describing graphs and data • Describing a working environment or situation • Describing a photo (N.B. essential for the second part of the oral paper) • Giving opinions (for and against) • Analysing differences • Criticizing and praising • Recommending • Writing references • Writing reports • Presenting a company, product or service • Preparing a CV along with a letter of application • Understanding of newspaper language (The study of authentic material, e.g. newspaper / magazine articles, is strongly recommended.) • Talking about politics and bureaucratic language • Dealing with the unexpected • Understanding live broadcasts GRAMMAR Revision of all items covered in previous levels Emphatic structures (e.g. No sooner had I.../Under no circumstances must you... So thick was the fog, that ...) The future in the past Adverb/verb collocations (e.g. strongly recommended/greatly appreciated/categorically denied etc.) Conditionals (Revision and variations / mixed e.g. “were to” in type 2 to express remote responsibility etc.) The use of “ever” for emphasis (Whatever, whenever, however, whoever etc.) Modals (review) Idioms (Revision of those taught at previous levels + as many other commonly used idioms as possible) Phrasal verbs (Revision of those taught at previous levels + as many other commonly used phrasal verbs as possible) Connectors and cohesive devices

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Codice insegnamento
Settore disciplinare
CLA/ING  -  Lingua Inglese
Manuela Pola Ponda
2° semestre
Orario delle lezioni Vai su moodle

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