Inglese b2 ca vignal/san floriano [MODULO SCRITTO/ORALE] [Gruppo 1] (2022/2023)



B2 Grammar Syllabus Articles Conditionals, time clauses. Clauses of contrast and purpose. Passive form + it is said, thought etc It’s time, I’d better, rather Reported speech + reporting verbs. Modals verbs and verbs of deduction – present and past Gerunds and infinitives Used to, be used to, get used to Structures after wish Relative clauses Common phrasal verbs. Causative – have/get/let someone (to)do something One of the most important tasks at B2 is the development of vocabulary and particular language in context, more complicated structures and an emphasis on the meaning and use of words with a view to enhancing communicative competence and improving pronunciation. In the course which prepares students for the B2 scritto and orale exams students, there is a general overview of grammar with the introduction of more advanced structures and lexis. Students also practise exercises on the written and oral exams. For oral practise there is a focus on pair and group work to give an opportunity to practise and improve fluency and general confidence. Speaking activities become more challenging and students should be able to communicate fairly easily on most everyday subjects. For the written work there is a greater importance placed on organisation of ideas, linking devices, spelling and clause structures. Work should be more concise and precise with fewer irrelevancies and errors. In the course, focus is placed on essay writing.

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Codice insegnamento
Settore disciplinare
CLA/ING  -  Lingua Inglese
Manuela Pola Ponda
1° semestre Scienze e Ingegneria
Orario delle lezioni Vai su moodle

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