Inglese c1 verona [MODULO SCRITTO/ORALE] [Gruppo 1] (2022/2023)



C1 Lexical Topics Arts Books and literature / Film / Languages / Media / News, lifestyles and current affairs / Personal feelings, opinions and experiences / Scientific developments / Social interactions / Work and jobs C1 Communicative Functions & Notions Conceding a point / Critiquing and reviewing constructively / Defending a point of view persuasively / Developing an argument systematically / Emphasizing a point, feeling, issue / Expressing attitudes and feelings precisely /Expressing certainty, probability, doubt / Expressing opinions tentatively, hedging / Expressing reaction, e.g. indifference / Expressing shades of opinion and certainty / Responding to counterarguments / Speculating and hypothesising about causes, consequences etc. / Synthesising, evaluating and glossing information C1 Grammar topics Adjectives and adverbs / Future continuous / Future perfect / Future perfect continuous / Inversion with negative adverbials / Mixed conditionals in past, present and future / Modals in the past / Modals of deduction and speculation / Narrative tenses for experience, including passive / Passives - all tenses / Past perfect / Past perfect continuous / Phrasal verbs, extended, including splitting / Relative clauses / Reported speech / Will and going to, for prediction / Wish / if only for regrets / Would expressing habits, in the past / Discourse markers: Connecting words expressing cause and effect, contrast etc. / Linking devices, logical markers / Markers to structure and signpost formal and informal in speech and writing

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CLA/ING  -  Lingua Inglese
Paolo Filippetto
1° semestre
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