Inglese b1 verona [MODULO INFORMATIZZATO] [Scienze motorie] (2022/2023)



Syllabus B1 Lexical Topics Personal Details / Family & Friends / Hobbies & Leisure Activities / Holidays /Transport / Weather / Shopping / Health & Exercise / Education / Work, Jobs & Careers / Films, Media & Entertainment B1 Communicative Functions & Notions Greet • Take leave • Give personal information • Introduce others • Ask for personal information • Describe self/others • Describe places and things • Ask for descriptions of people, places and things • Compare people, places, things • Make comparative questions • Narrate events in the past • Give factual accounts • Ask about past events • Express certainty about the future • Ask about future events • Express opinions about future possibilities • Express obligation • Offer help • Make arrangements • Make requests on the phone, in formal and informal situations • Make requests—ask someone to do something in formal and informal situations • Make requests—ask for directions • Respond to request for directions • Respond to request for instructions • Respond to request for an explanation • Make requests—ask for permission formally • Express feelings, likes and dislikes, with reasons, cause and effect • Ask about people’s feelings, opinions, interests, wishes, hopes • Express views and opinions • Apologise in formal and informal situations • Explain and give reasons • Show contrast, cause, reason, purpose • Ask for clarification and explanation • Confirm information • Check back and ask for confirmation • Ask for advice and suggestions • Respond to suggestions • Respond to advice • Make suggestions and give advice • Suggest action with other people • Praise and compliment others • Complain • Warn and prohibit B1 Grammar topics Adverbs • Broader range of intensifiers such as too, enough • Comparatives and superlatives • Complex question tags • Conditionals, 2nd and 3rd • Connecting words expressing cause and effect, contrast etc. • Future continuous • Modals - must/can’t deduction • Modals – might, may, will, probably • Modals – should have/might have/etc • Modals: must/have to • Past continuous • Past perfect • Past simple • Past tense responses • Phrasal verbs, extended • Present perfect continuous • Present perfect/past simple • Reported speech (range of tenses) • Simple passive • Wh- questions in the past • Will and going to, for prediction

Codice insegnamento
Settore disciplinare
CLA/ING  -  Lingua Inglese
Paolo Filippetto
1° semestre
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