Inglese b2 vicenza [MODULO INFORMATIZZATO] (2021/2022)



B2 Grammar Syllabus Making adjectives from nouns, adjective order in sentences, ed + ing adjectives Narrative tenses – past simple and continuous, and past perfect and continuous. Articles Question tags – agreements sentences – so do I, neither does he. Future overview – present tenses, will, going to – future perfect and continuous. Conditionals, time clauses. Adjectives and adverbs - Prefixes Obligation verbs, modal verbs in present and perfect forms. Conjunctions – although, however --- Present perfect simple and continuous. Passive form + it is said, thought etc Comparisons – the …the… It’s time, I’d better, rather Reported speech + reporting verbs. Modals verbs and verbs of deduction – present and past Gerunds and infinitives Used to, be used to, get used to Structures after wish Relative clauses Common phrasal verbs. Causative – have/get/let someone (to)do something Vocabulary syllabus Illnesses and injuries Clothes and fashion Air travel Adverbs and adverbial phrases Weather Feelings Verbs often confused The body Crime and punishment The media Business Word building Music

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CLA/ING  -  Lingua Inglese
Steven Wayne Sparks
1° semestre Vicenzqa
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