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Italian language - Italiano L2



The Language Centre (CLA) organizes semester courses of Italian as a second language (Italiano L2) for foreigners. The courses aim to develop their linguistic competence and support their integration in the Italian academic system.

The Italian language courses are held by highly qualified Italian teachers and are addressed to:

  • Erasmus students and students who take part in other international exchange programs (world-wide study…);

  • PhD students, post doc, researchers  and guest lecturers;

  • Foreign students enrolled at the University of Verona.

The enrollment to the courses is mandatory and available online:  click here

  • Absolute beginners who are not Spanish native speakers must enroll within Saturday 28 th August 2017.


Absolute beginners who are not Spanish native speakers are automatically admitted to the A1 intensive pre-course and they don’t need to take the placement test.
All the other students have to take a computer-based placement test at the beginning of each term.
The dates of the placement test are available on the
Academic Calendar.

Each semester, according to the results of the Placement Test, the Language Centre (CLA) offers A2 POST-BEGINNER, B1 INTERMEDIATE, B2 POST-INTERMEDIATE and C1 ADVANCED level courses.

Click here to read the description of each level.


At the end of each course (except for the A1 level), you must take a final exam.

The dates of the final exams are available on the Academic Calendar

Click here to consult the file archive with the results of the final exams.

Once you have passed the exam, you get a certificate of linguistic competence. In order to have the E.C.T.S registered on your Transcript of Records,  you need to take this certificate to the Segreteria Corsi Singoli – Erasmus.


At the end of your stay at University of Verona, you need to accurately fill out your request for the Transcript of Records and take it to the Segreteria Corsi Singoli – Erasmus. This office is inside the Chiostro (cloister) San Francesco, ground floor.

Click here to download the form of your Transcript of Records.

Opening hours
of the Segreteria Corsi Singoli – Erasmus:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 13.
You can send it via e-mail to the following
e-mail address:

E.C.T.S. CREDITS (European Credits Transfer System)

At the end of the  A2, B1, B2 and C1 courses, and after having passed the final exam, the students will obtain a language certificate that attests their competence in Italian language. This certificate is in line with the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (C.E.F.R.) and allows you to obtain 4 E.C.T.S.

The attendance to the supplementary courses (Laboratorio di Scrittura e Laboratorio di Lingua e Cultura) allow you to obtain 2 E.C.T.S.

The modalities for the registration of these E.C.T.S depend on the university you come from.

N.B.: The certificates you get at the Language Centre (CLA) DO  NOT  DIRECTLY  ATTRIBUTE  YOU  ANY E.C.T.S.

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