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1. What does the language exam consist of?
The exam includes:
Computer  test (test informatizzato): it consists of 4 different tests (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, cloze test and grammar exercise). It lasts 55 minutes for all the levels (A2-B1-B2-C1).
Written test (test scritto): it is written essay in which you will be asked to  analyze a  topic. It is a computer-based test that lasts 55 minutes.
Oral test (test orale): it is a conversation with an Italian Language Expert (C.E.L.). The modality
of the exam is different for each level.

2. When and how can I take a language exam?

At the end of each course (except for the A1 level), you must take a final exam.
The dates of the final exams are available on the Academic Calendar

In order to take the exam you must enroll on our website (Italian Language – Italiano L2 -> Iscrizione test di certificazione).

3. Can I take more than an exam at the end of each term? Can I get more than a Language Certification?
No, you can take a single exam for each exam session:
If you pass this exam, in the next exam session you can take the exam of the higher level.
If you fail this exam, you can take it again in the following exam session.
If you pass the computer test (passing mark: 60/100) but you fail the written or the oral test (passing mark: 60/100), you can take the exam again (only the test that you have failed) before one year from the date of the achievement of the computer test.

4. I am a foreign student enrolled at University of Verona. Can I take any exam of Italian as a second language (Italian L2) and get a final certificate?
Yes, as well as Erasmus Students, International Exchange Students, Visiting Scholars and Visiting professors.

5. Do the Italian L2 exams that I take at the Language Center (C.L.A.) give any C.F.U. (= E.C.T.S.)?


A2, B1, B2, C1 levels

4 C.F.U. / E.C.T.S.

The modalities for the registration of these E.C.T.S. depend on the University you come from. These E.C.T.S. cannot be registered  to students regularly enrolled at University of Verona.

6. How can I get more credits (C.F.U. = E.C.T.S)?
The Language Center organizes supplementary workshop courses:
Laboratorio di Scrittura – Writing Workshop (only for B2 and C1 levels)
Laboratorio di Lingua e Cultura – Language and Culture Workshop (only for B2 and C1 levels)
The attendance to these courses is mandatory and each one of them gives you 2 E.C.T.S

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