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The Tandem@CLA PROJECT is open to ALL LANGUAGES at ALL LEVELS taught at the C.L.A.

What is the Tandem@CLA PROJECT?
It is a project that allows participants to meet regularly to practice face to face with a mother-tongue speaker in order to improve their linguistic skills and cultural knowledge of the foreign language they are studying.

Who can participate?
mother-tongue Italian students who attend foreign language classes at the CLA, scholarship students, PhD students and University of Verona researchers;
foreign students who attend Italian L2 courses at the CLA, foreign scholarship students, PhD students and foreign researchers at the University of Verona.

How can I register?
You may register online, directly from our webpage in the section "Modulo d'iscrizione". Once the form is filled out and submitted, your data will be processed and you will be paired up with the other participants according to the order of the registrations, participants' timetables and any special requests.

Please note:

  • all parts of the registration form must be filled out.

  • anyone who has already participated in the Tandem@CLA will be added on at the end of the list of new participants.

  • anyone who does not provide a valid e-mail address will be excluded from the list.

Visit our web page where you will find our staff’s contact addresses as well as the opening hours of the information desk and Tandem tutoring.

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